Our Fave Vancouver June-uary Cocktail

If you’re like us, you’re also completely and utterly sick of June-uary. I mean, we’re not asking for scorching rays or anything, but a break from the rain, wind and clouds would be a nice change. Fellow Vancouverites, however, will also agree with us when we say that when the torrential downpours, drizzles and sprinkles stop, and the sun finally shows itself, there is nowhere else in the world we would rather be. This is when the city stops what it’s doing and everyone runs to their nearest patio. And what better to accompany you on that patio than your favourite summer beverage.

For a few of our staff, it’s simple: vodka cranberry. But not just any vodka cran; it’s got to have a twist. Adding a slice of lime – not just for decoration, my friends – and a splash of soda (club, or Perrier if you’re feeling fancy) perfects this summer staple. Pop a few ice cubes to keep things chilly. The mix of tart from the cranberry juice and the sour citrus taste from the lime brings out the best of the cranberry flavour. The bubbly soda completes this taste bud party.  With this drink in hand, we’re almost tempted to rock our sunnies, no matter the weather.

What’s your fave patio fave?

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